Discrimination By Design
Phil Roeder/Flickr

I’ve always had an interest in this subject. Maybe I’m more sensitive to it because I’m not in a higher-class bracket. Or, maybe my education has taught me the standards of good design. Does a lower-class of people deserve good design, or would they not be able to recognize it? When I got into this field, it was all about the Mac and how it was the superior design tool. That’s all gone now, for the most part. Adobe has released practically indistinguishable PC and Mac versions of their software, except, of course, for the keyboard commands. There are still Mac-only programs out there (Sketch) with their fan-boy following. If you sense jealousy, yes, I’m still bitter. The cost of a Mac is still higher than a comparable PC, which keeps a lot of potentially good designers out of the club.

This article describes the sometimes intentional way industrial design can keep one out of the club without even knowing it.