Southern Creative portfolio - Lift Up Atlanta postcard

Lift Up Atlanta is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps the homeless and low-income families in the metro Atlanta area. This postcard was designed to promote their yearly charity events. Soothing purples and bright golds enhance the text and photos. You can help this worthy cause by clicking here.

Southern Creative portfolio - DJ Marc J Cubs poster

DJ Marc J Cubs performs throughout the Atlanta area spinning the best dance beats. He also has a music column in the local publication David magazine. Flashy, big, and bold, this poster reflects the intensity of his sets.

Southern Creative portfolio - Twelfth Street West amenities card

This double-sided card effectively promotes the amenities of Twelfth Street West; a recently renovated Atlanta property. The boxed background implying streets on the front, while a large logo repeats on the back. Fonts and colors work together to create an effective, current identity.

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